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Apollo Seiko

Apollo Seiko is a technology based company that specializes in automated point soldering systems for through-hole selective soldering applications. They have over 30 years experience in the design and development of automated soldering systems, setting the industry standard in this specialized technology.


ARTOS Engineering Company

Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Artos Engineering is a leading name in the wire processing world. As an independently owned company, we can adapt quickly to our customers’ needs – whether they run a small, closely-held business or a huge, publicly owned company with operations around the world. We have delivered nearly 100,000 machines to the automotive, aeronautics, appliance, electronics and general industries. Our customers trust us to design technologically advanced, labor-saving machines that help them stay productive and gain a competitive edge. Our line of automatic wire processing systems, bench-top machines and accessories are available through a network of international distributors and customers around the world can readily access our products and service when they need us most.


BPM Microsystems

Founded in 1985, BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of manual and automated programming systems, serving the semiconductor and electronics industries. We offer a full line of universal device programmers, which include: 

  • Single-site engineering programmers
  • Multi-site Concurrent Programming Systems®
  • Fine-pitch automated programming systems
  • In-system device programming solutions


Creative Electron

Creative Electron is the largest US manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems for electronics. We proudly design and manufacture the award winning TruView™ X-Ray family of products. Powered by proprietary algorithms and state of the art hardware, TruView™ will enable you to rethink x-ray inspection. We offer Benchtop and Stand-Alone X-Ray Systems with 1 to 5 micron resolution.



Inovaxe was founded in 2003 by material handling experts with real world experience managing production and inventory in electronics manufacturing environments.  The equipment and related software can be scaled to your size business and its modular designed products allow for additions as your business increases.  InoVision is Inovaxe's proprietary Web-based material handling system (MHS) that offers the benefits of flexibility, speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency. It also manages the Inovaxe Single Package/Single Location method. Inovision is an expandable set of functions starting with stand alone INOVIEW that allows the tracking of the single package locations and expands to the full Inovision MRP application.



PARMI Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive corporation that develops and supplies in-line 3D inspection machines
used in a wide variety of applications ranging from SMT manufacturing to semiconductor processes.

PARMI has been pursuing only the highest quality machines and technologies. Since our establishment in 1998, PARMI has dedicated its full capacity to investing in R&D, and at the same time, has patented the world’s only 3D dual laser scanning technology. With our constant commitment, we are currently leading the 3D AOI and SPI industry worldwide using our proprietary technology.


We offer Precision High Resolution 2D and 3D / CT X-Ray Inspection Equipment forX-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCBs for a wide range of uses.

Any OEM and supplier of electronic subsystems in consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace can enrich its inspection process by adopting X-ray and CT inspection systems.

On Site Gas

A global leader in on-site oxygen and nitrogen generators.

On Site Gas Systems is a pioneer in oxygen and nitrogen generator technology. Many of our original generator systems are still going strong after 27 years. Our precision-engineered oxygen and nitrogen generation systems are used throughout the world in mission-critical applications, across dozens of industries. You’ll find our rugged nitrogen generators, made in the USA, in some of the most demanding and remote environments in the world. You wouldn’t pay someone to bring you tanks of compressed air, so why would you pay for someone to deliver a tank of air’s main ingredients? Start supplying yourself with nitrogen or oxygen—and save!

We offer Precision High Resolution 2D and 3D / CT X-Ray Inspection Equipment forX-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCBs for a wide range of uses.

Any OEM and supplier of electronic subsystems in consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace can enrich its inspection process by adopting X-ray and CT inspection systems.


Any Mix - Any Volume SMT Placement Machines and Printers. Axial and Radial Insertion Equipment. Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) develops and supports innovative manufacturing processes around the core of circuit manufacturing technologies and computer-integrated manufacturing software—thereby, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our customers’ businesses regardless of their mix or volume.

ScanCAD international

Since 1990, thousands of customers in 49 countries       

have utilized ScanCAD's powerful family of low cost, flat-bed scanner based tools. ScanCAD’s advanced scanning and software technologies has been used for process management, inspection and data creation in the electronics, photo chemical machining, semiconductor, aerospace, medical, energy, aluminum extrusion, automotive,  construction, industrial, photovoltaic solar, fuel cell, electrical machinery, textile and military industries. ScanCAD International improves the quality of life for customers, employees and the world by providing high quality, innovative solutions that simplify complex technology in a positive, environmentally-conscious manner while having fun along the way!


TAGARNO digital microscopes give you unique and easy to use magnification equipment to use in a variety of quality control processes as well as R&D efforts or in your repair and rework in an endless range of segments.


The digital microscopy camera technology enables you to see any small object in ultra sharp magnification and to document your work with just a single click.


It also allows multiple viewers at the same time and thereby greatly improves collaboration.

Takaya Corp.

We are the premier FLYING PROBE Fixtureless MDA Tester for surface mount and through-hole PCBs and substrates. Capable of detecting opens due to lifted IC legs. We offer a vision recognition option. Easy CAD translation software is also available.


TAKAYA invented the flying probe test system in 1984 to meet their internal needs as a contract manufacturer for quick turn by providing a fast, easy to use, and extremely reliable fixtureless tester. In 1986, TAKAYA partnered with Itochu Corp. (TEXMAC’s parent company) to share this technology with electronics manufacturers worldwide.


Since that time, TAKAYA has gained a reputation for excellence and established itself as the standard used by virtually all of the major Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers worldwide as well as medical and military/aerospace companies that continue to manufacture their printed circuit boards in house.

Now on its 6th generation of flying probe systems, TAKAYA has worked with its very large installed base of prestigious customers to gain valuable insight and focus its research and development resources on helping them get to market fast with new products to meet rapidly changing technological requirements and end user needs.

Technical Devices

Aqueous Batch and In-Line Cleaners & Wave Soldering Machines.

Our first Aqueous Batch Cleaner was made in 1991 and we have come a long way since then. Today's Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Cleaners feature the shortest cycle times we have ever offered -- as short as 20 minutes!.The right balance of pressure and flow make cleaning and rinsing super effective. The optimized heating and drying in the Aqua Batch will get your boards clean and dry in record time.


We offer the latest technological advances in cleaning including touch screen controls, cascade water knives, and high efficiency drying. The insulation and exhaust systems make the Nu/Clean the quietest and most environmentally friendly cleaner available today.


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